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Actor - Rodelio Lewis

Actor - Rodelio Lewis

Rodelio Lewis, actor

Rodelio Lewis is an actor in Windhoek and he says each day is different and presents its own set of challenges, but one thing is for sure, one must treat yourself as you would a brand or business to ensure that you are a professional working actor.

According to him an average day as an actor would start with working out physically and vocally to ensure that your voice is strong and steady, while your body is fit and ready for any challenges.

“If you are currently working on a film or a production, your day-to-day schedule will have to fit around the schedule presented and of course taking into account that you will have a Monday to Friday job to keep you financially stable and independent,” he says.

Coming from a creatively expressive family inspired Lewis to venture into his current field.

“I’ve always enjoyed making people feel something and thanks to the creative freedom I experienced growing up, I was able to channel that need into acting,” he says.

Lewis says he immersed himself in all things acting related and began to understand the power that actors possess and how one well-delivered line can make people rethink how they see the world and how they interact with other people.

“So, if I had to say what inspires me to be an actor, it’s the knowledge of people and myself being inspired by each other’s lives and how, when we acknowledge our connection as a human race, we can heal and grow collectively.”

Lewis does not have formal acting training.

“The internet and my TV were my first acting schools, so a great portion of my educational background in acting is self-taught,” he said.

While he was in school, he joined the drama division to learn from his peers and grow his skills as an actor, but still wanted more.

“So, during my matric year, I took part in the ‘Trustco Be A Star Performer’ competition where I received training from one of the scouts of the New York Film Academy, as all contestants did.”

On the crowning evening, Lewis made it to the top eight finalists and the head of the then Salt Studios academy approached him to join the academy.

“After my time with them, I received my first educational certificate as an actor. I then had the opportunity to go to America and attend the Applause Rising Talent Showcase, where I attend multiple acting workshops, facilitated by industry professionals as well as Roger del Pozo, the associate director of outreach at the New York Film Academy, who awarded me a partial scholarship to study at the New York Film Academy.”

Lewis’s goal in life is to be a part of the collective movement that creates a more empathetic and understanding human race, where everyone’s differences are celebrated.

“With everything that I have experienced as an actor pushing for representation for the coloured and queer communities, I have to say the greatest highlight for me was when my little brother watched me on Namibia’s first sitcom, ‘The Polanas’, and hearing him say that someone looks like him on the TV, made everything feel right,” he says.

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