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Biokinetics- Konrad Barnes

Biokinetics- Konrad Barnes

Konrad Barnes

Konrad Barnes is a biokineticist at Jackie Retief – Biokinetics in Windhoek. According to him as a Biokineticist they use exercise prescription to treat and or manage an array of conditions ranging from orthopedic injuries to cardiovascular risk factors such as hypertension and metabolic syndrome.

“My responsibilities include evaluating clients, exercise prescription, supervise exercise sessions, high performance coaching, orthopedic and cardiovascular rehab. Postural correction interventions, work fitness assessments, corporate wellness consultations such as ergonomics and specialist testing such as stress echocardiograms and executive medicals,” he said.

Barnes is also trains interns to help them prepare for their Health Professions Council Of Namibia (AHPCNA) evaluation. Before getting into his current field, Barnes went to engineering school after he matriculated.

“I know its crazy right but in hindsight, it was the best decision of my life. Don’t get me wrong I was doing awesome academically but I was woefully unhappy,” he said.

And it was at a kickboxing fight where his friend got hurt and Barnes gave him instructions of what to do next and the potential prognosis of his condition. His friend then turned to him and told him he was in the wrong profession.

“I’ve been helping injured people recover ever since. Well I got my qualifications first.I am a huge advocate of job fulfillment above status and financial remuneration. It’s like being married, if you’re going to commit to something for the rest of your life you better love that something or someone,” he said.

Barnes undergraduate degree at University of the Western Cape. He graduated as the top student and got accepted as one of 12 students to do his Honours degree in Biokinetics at Stellenbosch University. Thereafter he got a job as an intern at Jackie Retief Biokinetics in Windhoek.

“After my internship year, I was evaluated by the Health Professionals Council of Namibia to determine whether or not I could safely and professionally practice as a Biokineticist in Namibia,” he said.

Barnes expressed that the character traits one needs to be a Biokinecist are empathy, humility, a keen interest in physiology of the human body, insatiable work ethic as well as the ability to work well with people.

“You’re working with real people with real problems, it’s not about you, it’s about them and you enjoy physical activity and or exercise. Clients will look to you for support and motivation.”

He furthers said it's the moment a once hopeless client starts running again after surgery or the client who had been suffering from back pain for years is finally pain free that makes his highlights for his career.

“It’s the ability to mentally and physically change someone’s’ life for the better…that’s powerful,” he said.

He believes his superpower when it comes to his work is the ability to develop meaningful connections with people. Barnes expressed that at the end of the day no matter what they might be going through. Once they walk through the biokinetics doors they know they’re with Konrad and even just for 60 minutes a day everything will be okay.

“My mom always says I’ve got this aura around me that makes people feel safe and, in my profession, it has allowed me to develop a special skill set that gives my clients a certain peace of mind.”

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