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Carpenter- Joseph Erkius

Carpenter- Joseph Erkius

Joseph Erkius

Joseph Erikus is a qualified carpenter, currently practicing in his father’s workshop. He deals with the installation of kitchen units, repair of broken furniture and installation of ceilings. Initially, he wanted to do architecture, but through his father, who is a carpenter, he learned a lot about the profession. During his school-going years, he spent a lot of time helping his father in his workshop, where he learnt a lot of skills. Based on this background, he did not struggle when he decided to pursue a four-year study programme at the Namibia Institution of Mining and Technology (NIMT).

He describes the careers as a fun one, which allows one to tap into their creativity. The best part for Erkius is when he designs “something beautiful” and knowing that the client is happy with the final product. Carpentry has a lot to do with planning, according to Erikus, who says that working according to the plan keeps mistakes at a minimum. He also mentioned that one should know what they are doing to avoid wasting materials.

Since studying carpentry and Joinery, he expressed that joinery, which deals with woodwork, instalment of kitchens and creating tables among other things, it is not to be confused with carpentry, which has to do with constructions such as installing doors and ceilings.

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