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Content creator - Adam Smaruj

Content creator - Adam Smaruj

Adam Smaruj

Adam Smaruj is a content creator in Windhoek. He is responsible to execute a client's vision of showcasing a service, product, or idea, and turning it into an appealing, eye-catching visual experience. Smaruj said he initially became fascinated with photography when camera phones first came out.

“I was amazed by the idea of freezing a moment in time, and that led me to take up photography, and later videography, as a professional career,” he said.

Smaruj believes that in the field of content creation, while a lot can be gained through going to school or taking a class, and this should not be discounted, by far the biggest factor to improve one's skill is to constantly critique one's work, to be self-aware enough to never settle for "just good enough", and to constantly improve through practice.

“I am self-taught in the field, and I believe that the practical experience of solving problems during actual work, has taught me far more than any classroom or book ever could,” he said.

He added that the character traits one needs in order to be in this field are to love early mornings, love for travel, you need to have endless energy and stamina, to be able to consistently pull off amazing work even if you're tired, lazy, or unmotivated.

“The way to achieve this, is to not go lightly into this career. You have to have a true love and passion, or even just a fascination with the amazing visuals that appear at the back of your camera screen once you hit that shutter release or record button.”

Smaruj further said the highlights of his career thus far is visiting every single region of Namibia, meeting thousands of fascinating people, political leaders, business magnates, airline pilots among the list.

“I have seen stunning sunrises and sunsets, while experiencing and capturing every corner of our beautiful country, to share with the rest of the world. The sheer depth of the job experience is my absolute highlight of this career path,” he expressed.

He believes his superpower when it comes to his work is turning the most ordinary objects into extraordinary sights.

“I can transport you far away to amazing destinations, and right up close to the rarest of our wildlife. Through my camera, I can show you the world.”

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