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Cosmetology Aesthetician- Teopolina Tileinge

Cosmetology Aesthetician- Teopolina Tileinge

Skin care specialist

Teopolina Tileinge

A medical doctor by profession, Teopolina Tileinge is currently practicing as a skin care specialist, specifically an Aesthetician cosmetologist. She has been trained to take care of facial skin, neck and décolleté. Tileinge drew inspiration from her own experience with acne during the time when she was still working at her university professor’s Aesthetic clinic. She then underwent a treatment with her professor and within 3 months, her face had cleared up. “I told her that if she can clear my skin from how bad it was, then I can work hard and learn everything she is doing so that I can help other people who have the same skin problem as me”. Tileinge took a turn in her career from surgery, which was her dream at the time and studied to become an Aesthetician cosmetologist instead.

Tileinge studied for six years to become a certified medical doctor and on top of that, an additional year of Aesthetician cosmetology. She however, says that she does not consider herself to be “fully qualified” as there is always something new to learn. During her studies, she has acquired an understanding of skin, anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of skin. “It is very important to practice with professionalism”, she mentions.

“When you feel happy when others are looking good and happy, then it will be easy to fit this job”, said Tileinge, who advises individuals who wish to venture into Aesthetician cosmetology or the beauty industry to ensure that they are good at what they are doing and love what they do.

Tileinge enjoys doing facials, and seeing people leave the practice with a smile forms part of her highlights in this career. It especially brings joy to her when a client’s skin is radiant and clear from dirt after a procedure.

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