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Dental assistant - Maria Eiseb

Dental assistant - Maria Eiseb

Dentists are doctors who specialise in oral health. Their responsibilities include promoting oral health and disease prevention, and creating treatment plans to maintain or restore the oral health of their patients.

Maria Eiseb is a dental assistant and has plans to pursue her goal, which is becoming a dentist. She has been in the dentistry department for the past year and she says every day feels just like the first time she started working.

She mentions that one must have a passion for this job as there are different sediments involved as the patients differ from one to another. “I love what I do and it warms my heart to see a smile on a client’s face after assisting them, I love meeting different people and to see how the patients react when it comes to extracting teeth” Eiseb says.

To be a successful dentist, you should be caring, communicative and experienced in diagnosing and treating dental ailments. You should also be skilled with the various tools and procedures needed to correct dental complaints and ensure the oral health of patients. You need to meet with patients to discuss and treat dental concerns, perform regular cleanings and other preventive procedures, and establish a plan for better dental hygiene.

The academic requirements for becoming a dentist is a Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate or any other equivalent qualification with at least 35 points on the Unam scale with a grade 2 or better or higher level or a grade B or better on ordinary level for mathematics and physical science and a grade B or better on ordinary level for biology and English. Strong computer skills and experience with comprehensive knowledge of dental procedures, tools, and diagnostics as well as good management skills are needed.

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