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Chef- Jovan Greyton

 Chef- Jovan Greyton

Jovan Greyton- Head chef

They say the best way to win someone over is through their stomach. Jovan Greyton is the head chef at Isabella’s Table in Windhoek and not only is he a trained chef, but he’s also a hip-hop and R&B musician who mixes and produces his own music.

Greyton explains that internships and on the job training is an important part in preparing for this career. He had his first internship at Nice bar and restaurant when he was in eighth grade.

Greyton attended the International Hotel School in Cape Town, which is one of the leading hotel schools in Africa.

He returned to Namibia and joined Isabel Gamito at a restaurant called No.1 Steakhouse where he became the head chef at the age of 22.

To Greyton, food has a very special meaning. “To me food is like a canvas. We all eat with our eyes first, and that is why I see food as art where I can really express myself.” His favourite cuisine type is anything Asian with the ultimate favourite being specifically Japanese cooking.

To be successful in this career, you need to be able to think outside the box, and think of new and innovative ways to use ingredients and present dishes.

His go-to ingredients would be coriander, which is his go-to herb, basmati rice and a really good spice, especially something warm that can complement many dishes.

“This industry is very hard. It takes so long for you to reach that place you want. You are confronted by critique every day and you face so much adversity, but all that is worth it in the end. The in-between stages in life define you and where you want to go, so you can never slack or get comfortable.”

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