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Mechanic - Natangwe Shigwedha

Mechanic - Natangwe Shigwedha

A mechanic is an artisan, skilled tradesperson, or technician who uses tools to build, maintain, or repair machinery. A mechanic works on automobiles, trucks, and related transportation and material-moving vehicles. Some mechanics perform general maintenance and repairs, while others may specialize in tires, brakes, engines, or on-board computers.

Natangwe Shigwedha is a qualified motor mechanic who received his qualifications through the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) which is an accredited training centre that specialises in TVET.

Shigwedha stated with an engine prepare course at Kayak 2007 to 2010. He then relocated to Swakopmund for 2 years and found himself in a workshop at Hops Racing and that’s where he gained the most experience.

He specialised in building race cars and later came back to Windhoek to G Visagie where he worked on antique vehicles.

In 2014, at Boland College, Western Cape Shigwedha did Automotive Engineering and Related Design with auxiliary subjects like Mathematics and Basic Mechanics, Material Properties and Computer aided Design.

You’d need a minimum of 40-45% pass rate for Automotive Engineering and a minimum 30% pass rate for Mathematics.

Careers you could venture into includes Diesel mechanic, Government mechanic assistant, high performance industry worker as well as entrepreneurial ventures.

His duties includes making sure car service is done properly, diagnostic check-ups on vehicles are done. He also has to make sure the vehicle is satisfactory to the client.

“The character traits needed for this line of work is passion and patience. It’s like having hair on your teeth,” Shigwedha says.

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