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Nail Technician- Zoey Lobo

Nail Technician- Zoey Lobo

Zoey Lobo- Nail technician

If creativity is the game, then nail technician is the game. Zoey Lobo is a qualified nail technician and beautician who thrives on expressing her creativity and providing her clients with the best possible service.

“We see clients every day and try our best to satisfy them and keep them happy. Now we have such a big responsibility to keep our clients safe and ensure all our health and safety standards are met at all times.”

Nail technicians are responsible for the grooming and appearance of a client’s fingernails and toenails. This includes manicures, pedicures, nail shaping, cuticle grooming, callus removal, synthetic nail treatments and application of nail polish.

“I’ve always known I love people and am at my happiest when I can work with them. To me, doing nails is like having cake and coffee, so I can think of no better way to spend my day. I try my best to lift my clients’ spirits and give them a space where they can share and feel safe,” Lobo added.

Lobo studied at Glitz and Glamour beauty academy in South Africa and Sulé Loggenberg Academy and Clinic where she did various treatments and courses. Apart from her studies, Lobo has had multiple trainings and courses to expand her skillsets.

“Having biology as a subject provides you with an important foundation for this career, because this helps you to fully understand the hand and its muscles and chemical composition of nails, which plays an integral part in your tertiary studies. Other key subjects include English, Afrikaans and mathematics,” said Lobo.

Being a nail technician offers one the opportunity to express your artistic side and creates a space where you can be creative and think outside the box.

Lobo believes this career would be the perfect career to pursue if you have a love for people and enjoy being creative.

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