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Pre-Primary School Teacher- Ainna Amutenya

Pre-Primary School Teacher- Ainna Amutenya

Pre-primary school teacher

Ainna Amutenya

Being a pre-primary school teacher entails teaching young ones and recording the work that they do at school and most especially monitoring them so that they do not get hurt and taking care of them. Aina Amutenya is a pre-primary school teacher at Havana Primary school,  and a familiar face to the young ones, who she says also have a lot to teach her. Being in charge of the school feeding programme, she also ensures that all the children receive a meal. “What inspired me to do this (job) is the love of the children”. Amutenya says that it would be difficult for somebody who does not have love for children to interact with the little ones. When Amutenya first joined the profession, she was not a qualified teacher, but only had a grade 12 certificate. She then registered with the Institution of Open and Lifelong learning (IOL) and completed a three-year study programme, making her a qualified teacher by 2018. On top of having love for children, a pre-primary teacher must be responsible as they would need to supervise the children and keep them out of harms way. The stories that are told by the children are a highlight for her as she says “you are only not teaching them, but they are also teaching you”. She says that when she asks them questions in class, there is always something to learn from their answers. ” Imagine, they are just 5 or 6 years old but at least they teach me something that I was not aware (of). Amutenya encourages those aspiring to be pre-primary school teachers to work hard, as industry is waiting for them.

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