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Real Estate Agent- Anita Dames

Real Estate Agent- Anita Dames

Anita Dames - real estate agent

Anita Dames is a real estate agent for Rightmove Properties Windhoek who has a passion for property and helping others.

This career also offers more flexible working hours, which makes spending time with family possible.

“I genuinely enjoy helping the seller to move on with their lives having left behind fond memories in their house, and assisting the buyer in starting a new chapter and making memories,” Dames said.

Some of the daily duties include viewings with clients, following up on signed contracts with the banks and conveyancers, solving problems and making sure that the properties are reading for moving in before handing the keys to clients.

To become a qualified estate agent, one needs to apply to the Namibia Estate Agent Board (NEAB) to write a scheduled examination, which the board usually announces well in advance by advertising in the newspapers.

To prepare for the examinations, candidates need to obtain a comprehensive study guide from the board as well as a copy of the Estate Agency Affairs Act, and obtain a minimum of 50% in order to pass.

Once you've passed, the board will issue a fidelity certificate which needs to be renewed every year.

“Buying and selling property is a very emotional process and we as agents need to guide the process to make it as painless as possible for both parties. Therefore, I have found that being calm, organised, friendly and professional is important,” Dames said.

Dames further adds that negotiation skills and emotional intelligence are also quite crucial as they always have to make sure that both the buyer and seller are happy and are receiving a fair deal.

“Lastly, one doesn't sell a house every day or even every month, therefore you need to keep yourself motivated and look after your finances.”

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