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Training Officer- Nicodemus Johannes

Training Officer- Nicodemus Johannes

Training Officers induct new members of staff by providing them with the requisite preparation and teaching upon their appointments.

Training Officers also identify and close gaps in existing staff members' skills through instruction.

According to Nicodemus Johannes, as a trainer you are often times required to have a trade related certificate or diploma. At least a level above the level you will be teaching.

“This includes an assessor, moderator, facilitator and instruments design certificates as well. And or a certificate or diploma in Vocational Education and Training from any local or other university,” Johannes further explains.

Although there are ups and downs to every career choice, Johannes says that the most enjoyable part about being a trainer is teaching the youth how to work with their hands and empowering them to start working for themselves and create jobs for themselves and others.

“Opportunities i came across as a trainer includes different training offered by the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) and my employer which ended up being vital for my professional development. These made me a better trainer. I also got the opportunity to be a World Skills Expert, locally and internationally representing Namibia,” he concludes.

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