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To be a vet, one has to be a well-balanced person. When they get animals booked in for theatre, ready for their operations by weighing them, giving them a clinical examination, giving antibiotics and pain medication prior to surgery. The in-patients (that are admitted into the hospital) are also checked for their vital signs for example temperatures, pulses, respiratory rates and their medication are administered for the day. those with drips are checked that the drip-lines are still in the vein as animals move around a lot and drips come out and run under the skin instead of in the vein, quite easily. When animals are ready for their operations, the vet’s responsibility is to ensure that the animal has a safe anaesthetic and that the operation is done as aseptically as possible, meaning that the skin has to be shaved and scrubbed with special surgical disinfectant to make sure that no infections can be picked up during surgery.

University of Pretoria

Full Time

3 Years

South Africa


Full Time

6 Years


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