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As the agricultural manager, you are responsible to grow and manage the agricultural loan book, investments and client base. You have to have a deep understanding of the agricultural industry, knowledge of agriculture as a trade to better understand, assist and advise a client. on a daily basis, agricultural managers receive business proposals or requests from clients considering financing for agricultural purposes. Agricultural managers plan and coordinate the operation of farms, nurseries, greenhouses and other agricultural production sites. In larger work settings they may also hire and train farmers to care for the crops under their supervision.

Agricultural managers plan and coordinate the operation of farms, nurseries, greenhouses and other agricultural production sites. In larger work settings they may also hire and train farmers to care for the crops under their supervision.

Botanists study various aspects of plants. For example, they may study their physiological processes such as photosynthesis at the molecular level, the evolutionary history and relationships of plants, or their current relationships with their environments. they may focus on the agricultural applications of plants used for food, fiber, fuel, turf, and cover crops, studying their responses to stresses from pests, disease, and climate variations. They may also work on plant breeding to develop hardier strains.

The study and monitoring of plant and animal communities and their scientific management is the basis for this type of career. However, some staff may be more involved with practical aspects such as game capture, infrastructure development and maintenance, and tourism.

Farming covers the production of almost all kinds of animals, crops, fruits and vegetables. Farmers are responsible for most of the production of a country's foodstuffs either through crop or stock farming. another important responsibility of farmers is the conservation of the country's natural resources.

A Game Ranger is responsible for the management of the game reserve. They work with ecologists, game reserve and wildlife managers. Their tasks are multi-faceted and include; ensuring the day to day health and wellbeing of the game, research and monitoring, game capture and introductions, population management, burning programs, infrastructure and equipment maintenance, public relations, environmental education, and, crucially, local community relations, liaison and involvement.

Laboratory technician in the food hygiene department involves testing of meat products for food pathogens and bacteria counts. Ensure food quality & safety during and after production and processing before consumers.

Taxidermy is an art form where the practitioner preserves dead animals by crafting models from their preserved skin. People who work in that area are known as taxidermists. Many taxidermists work to create models that are similar to the animals in nature, while others create hybrid or fantasy creatures made from different animals’ parts.

To be a vet, one has to be a well-balanced person. When they get animals booked in for theatre, ready for their operations by weighing them, giving them a clinical examination, giving antibiotics and pain medication prior to surgery. The in-patients (that are admitted into the hospital) are also checked for their vital signs for example temperatures, pulses, respiratory rates and their medication are administered for the day. those with drips are checked that the drip-lines are still in the vein as animals move around a lot and drips come out and run under the skin instead of in the vein, quite easily. When animals are ready for their operations, the vet’s responsibility is to ensure that the animal has a safe anaesthetic and that the operation is done as aseptically as possible, meaning that the skin has to be shaved and scrubbed with special surgical disinfectant to make sure that no infections can be picked up during surgery.

Veterinary nurses work under the supervision of veterinarians in private practices, animal hospitals, animal shelters and at institutions where research on animals is conducted. they attend to animals, give them medicine according to prescription, assist with operations and take laboratory samples. For a two-year diploma course in pretoria, south africa. The responsibilities of a vet nurse include being the vet’s assistant and handling the animals before the vet tends to them.

In the field, wildlife technicians help with data collection. this typically means inventorying wildlife populations, trapping and tagging animals, and taking blood and tissue samples. they may also collect samples of water, soil, and plants. Wildlife technicians evaluate the health of animals, looking for signs of illness.

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