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A training officer’s duties and responsibilities include presenting trade and theoretical classes, demonstrating how to operate different machinery, doing module assessments, providing safety and guidance on equipment and enforcing safety regulations and standards.

Internal auditing is designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. It can help an organization accomplish its strategic objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

A reports administrator is a person employed in any organisation to run various investigations on several exceptions to regulatory standards and procedures of executing duties. The duties and responsibilities of a reports administrator is to action system-generated reports on the exceptions [to procedure] that have gone through the systems that are applicable to their role. There is a specific report that tackles all of this in summary, investigate variances in rates on home loan accounts as the system highlights exceptions to them; verify all monetary transactions between home loans accounts to ensure that no disputes arise from any anomalies in this scope of work, maintain a good scrutiny on account information to ensure that is always reliable.

A secretary is someone who carries out administrative tasks, sends out emails, makes appointments and keeps records and sends out correspondence in an office.

A real estate agent is someone who is licensed to negotiate and arrange real estate sales and works for a real estate broker. Gerhard Goosen is a real estate agent. His roles and responsibilities include price negotiating, showing property to clients, listing property and finalising contracts.

Office managers are responsible for the functioning of an office through a range of financial, administrative, financial and managerial tasks. Office managers essentially ensure the smooth running of an office on a day-to-day basis and may manage a team of administrative staff.

A financial advisor is responsible for doing financial needs analysis for clients which includes life cover, investments, pension or retirement planning, estate planning and the drawing up of wills.

A bank manager is responsible for the overall performance and routine tasks of a branch. A key part of the work is assisting individuals and businesses in reaching their financial goals, ultimately contributes to the economy of the country and thus benefits all citizens and communities.

Daily tasks consist of organising the diaries of her managers and trying to assist them in any way possible with their hectic daily schedules at work.

This job involves handling a company’s finances or auditing a company’s financial records. It is the responsibility of a business process solution manager to assist clients with the review of the structure of their finance departments, make suggestions on how to optimise business processes and prepare financial statements.

The underwriting manager is responsible for managing the insurance risk of the company with regards to all the clients it insures. The underwriting manager determines the price and terms of all policies through data analytics, actuarial analyses and risk assessments. The most important responsibility of the underwriting manager is to see to it that the company is not exposed to undesired risks and all clients are treated fairly with regards to paying a premium according their risk profile. The better the risk profile, the lower the premium should be. The underwriting manager also needs to stay updated with market trends and make sure the terms the company supplies to its clients are market related.

If you ever need to make an investment or need a loan, you will need to visit a credit manager to assist you. Duties include advising on responsible lending and facilitating overdraft facilities as well as granting or rejecting personal loans. Credit managers evaluate and assess credit applications by assessing risk factors such as the occupation, employer and qualifications of an applicant. With regards to business assessment and evaluations a credit manager takes into consideration the financial statements of the business and the repayment ability of a certain business.

The responsibilities and duties include establishing longterm strategies, securing the necessary resources; to set the company cultures and values, and maintains team morale; monitor the company's daily operations, as well as to supervise the undertaking of each of its operations units or divisions, as well as the discharge of duties of the company employees in all areas of business

A bank teller is the first line of client service provider

It is a financial management function of an insurance company. Typically insurance companies acquire reinsurance cover from a reinsurer against major catastrophic events like cyclones, hail storms and earthquakes that might cause damage to the assets and belongings of the clients it insures. Reinsurance is a “global spreading of risk” concept that entails insurance companies entering into international reinsurance agreements, called treaties, with reinsurers all over the world. A reinsurance managers' core responsibility is to ensure that the financial capabilities and wellness of an insurance company is not compromised with regards to the insurance risks it accepts from clients.

Actuaries are experts in evaluating the likelihood of future events using numbers. Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in industries and professions.

The claims manager is responsible for the claims department of an insurance company. An insured client will contact the claims department of an insurance company to submit a claim following an incident for which the client is insured. The claims manager is also responsible for identifying fraudulent claims and reporting it to the authorities.

Duties and responsibilities include being involved in the complete process of compiling the publications - from sourcing content, analysing reports, doing interviews, mining data for infographics to social media.

A secretary is a person who provides clerical or administrative support either to a department, CeO, general manager or manager. The duties of a secretarial assistance to the general manager is to manage appointments, make necessary travel arrangements, human resources, administration e.g., recording of applications and arranging of interviews for recruitment, administration of meetings e.g., prepare and compile agendas and minutes of departmental meetings, keeping records, filing, preparing and arranging all divisional functions, seting up and maintaining the office filing system, registering, classifing and routes incoming correspondence, receiving calls and channels these to appropriate staff member.

Anything and everything tax-related and giving advice to clients on complex tax matters, such as tax planning, tax risk management, whether or not to acquire a certain business, doing business with partners in various countries and the tax implications of certain transactions.

The role of an economist is to apply economic theories and knowledge to provide advice to the private sector and government institutions regarding the outlook for the macro economic environment.

CAs are professionals who offer financial advice, audit accounts and provide trustworthy information about financial records to their clients. duties and responsibilities of chartered accountants also involve financial reporting, taxation, auditing, corporate finance and business recovery and insolvency. different clients have different needs, so CAs strive to cater to them and ensure that they make them happy.

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