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Kickstart your career @ FirstRand Namibia

Are you interested in a career in banking?
Are you looking at Human Resources?
Are you looking at Marketing?
Are you an IT boffin?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, there is a career opportunity for you at FirstRand Namibia –
and not only in banking. To function at optimal level, FirstRand Namibia needs HR people, Marketing
and Communication specialists, IT experts, finance and investment professionals and many more.
There is more:
The Graduate Development Programme is specifically established and positioned to employ, develop
and retain high potential Namibian Graduates into the group.
The external Bursary Scheme targets financially disadvantaged, yet academically strong Namibian
students to gain access to tertiary education.
As part of our commitment to transformation, the group continued to assist previously disadvantaged
employees through the FNB Staff Assistance Trust whose objective is to assist previously
disadvantaged non-managerial staff to pay medical bills and cover educational costs.
The group also made a significant investment in the development and implementation of various in-
house Learning Academies whose focus is development of role-based competencies to ensure our
employees are appropriately capacitated for their respective roles thereby enhancing individual
As leadership is what makes or breaks organisations, having an effective leadership team that
creates an enabling and conducive working environment in which our employees can maximise their
full potential is non-negotiable and hence, leadership development constitutes a key part of our talent
curatorship strategy. We therefore continued to roll-out our in-house foundational Leadership
Development programme which is mandatory for all our managers and supervisors across the group.
A Line Managers-as-Mentors Training programme was also launched during the year of which the
objective is to ensure that our leadership teams are appropriately capacitated to not only function
effectively as leaders for their own teams but that they are also able to groom and mentor future
leaders for our group.

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