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PETROFUND was formed in 1993 in order to offer training in fields of science and information technology through scholarships and support education institution building.

Mission- We build capacity for Petroleum Industry.
Vision- To have a Petroleum Industry sustained by competent Namibians.

Students sponsored by PETROFUND had successfully completed their studies in various fields of interest to the oil and gas industry in Namibia, stakeholders and government agencies. The graduates are deployed in the Namibian economy.

In year 2020, 68 students are on the scholarship program admitted at various universities in Namibia, South Africa, United Kingdom and 3 secondary schools in Namibia.

The Trust Fund offers a comprehensive scholarship that pays for tuition, accommodation, meals, provides pocket money, transport allowance, book and stationery allowance as well as a laptop.
The scholarship is granted on condition that a student passes all course work and abides by the conditions of the scholarship agreement and rules of the admitting institution.

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