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The quotation and operation of series tours, scheduled tours and private guided tours, within a 24 hour turnaround time. The processing and invoicing of these files on tour plan (or similar reservation system) making use of all the features offered by the system is what a tour consultant does. The job also includes attending to guests’ complaints and tour guide problems during and after the tour. Evaluate service levels using the guests’ questionnaires and general feedback.Assist in securing block bookings for the year for all scheduled tours and series tours and handle the 24-hour emergency mobile phone on a rotational basis. Attend site inspections and educational visits from time to time. Archiving of files and keeping statistics up to date. Double checking of rates to be inserted into tour plan (or similar reservation system) and helping to keep the database and rate sheets updated.

A junior chef is a professional cook who cooks in a restaurant or hotel and is an executive chef’s right hand. He assists the chef for a majority of the same duties and responsibilities. A junior chef operates as the assistant to a sous chef. This means that as much responsibility as the sous chef has, the junior chef shares in it. The junior chef is responsible for the majority of duties and responsibilities of the chef, such as inventory, kitchen staff management, and food preparation.

Rental agents rent cars and other forms of transportation for private use by clients. They are employed by car, boat or creation companies at airports, resorts, marinas and at offices strategically located throughout the country. Agents not only rent cars to clients, but also they may offer them other types of products, such as car upgrades, GPS systems or additional insurance. Although the car rental agent’s primary job is to process paperwork and collect money from clients, agents often have a lot of other duties they perform as well. Car rental agents typically have the task of greeting clients as they arrive, answering the telephone, handling client questions or complaints and working to resolve overdue car rentals. In some cases, they may also be responsible for ensuring the cars are clean, full of gas and ready for the next client.

From a perspective of a tourism information officer in a tourism or hospitality business there is a lot to be done. Information provision is very important for the tourism industry and especially for tourists. Important telephone numbers must be regularly checked for validity and updated were necessary. Brochures are a very useful way for local businesses to share information with tourists and visitors through information kiosks or the front desks of concierges at hotels and main tourist hubs like airports, bus and taxi stations and long distance bus / transport providers.

A bartender is responsible for preparing alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages for bars and patrons. He also interacts with customers, taking orders and serving snacks and drinks. Assessing bar customers' needs and preferences and making recommendations.

Flight attendants ensure the safety and comfort of passengers aboard flights. The successful candidate will be able to work independently, perform effectively in a team and build trust relationships with passengers. The goal is to maximise revenue growth and enhance customer satisfaction. responsibilities include providing information, guidance, and assistance for safety and comfort to passengers on board aircraft; attending the “brief” and act on it and conducting safety checks before flight.

Camp cooks prepare and make large amount of food for campers or vacationers, working efficiently off a budget. culinary experience is usually preferred, and some camp cooks have completed formal cooking programs.

They conduct investigations and inspections of accommodation establishments to ensure they are not conducting business without being registered under the Namibia Tourism Board Act (Act 21 of 2000). They ensure that the establishments maintain the prescribed standards and quality of service. Tourism inspectors are employed by the Namibia Tourism Board. Tourism inspectors are responsible for effective and efficient

It is known that blogging generally is a goldmine that can only be neglected in this century at one’s peril. In the travel and tourism industry, it is a worthy career that could be undertaken by anyone who is an enterprising sort. All that needs to be done is to start a travel blog. Though it requires a lot of hard work, especially at the initial stage but it is a worthwhile profession if it grows and it is professionally monitored with a great business sense

The main responsibilities of a tour or safari guide are to serve as a link between the guests and the destination, handling all organisational aspects of a tour as well as communication with the guests. Tour guides are the first encounter people have with a country, which is big responsibility. This career allows you to sleep under the stars, see the most beautiful areas of southern Africa and venture onto roads you did not even know existed. A tour guide needs excellent people and communication skills and must be passionate about this career, which will take you on a journey through your country and expose you to diverse people, cultures and destination beyond your wildest dreams.

A big part of a sous chef is the daily task of overseeing if everything is done prior to the opening hours of the business, starting from the cleaners to the assistant chefs.

A housekeeper is someone who takes care of your house – they clean and make sure that everything is neat and tidy. They also look after children.

A travel consultant makes travel arrangements based on the needs, budgets and tastes of customers. clients may be individuals, families, groups or business people. They give information to customers and answer any questions concerning passports, visas, currency regulations, tourist attractions, hotel reservations and flight bookings. Travel consultants are employed in travel agencies, large tour companies and corporate offices that have enough travel business to warrant their own booking division.

Event organisers are the people that plan and organise events of various kinds, from industry exhibitions, academic conferences, business seminars and career fairs, to product launches, gigs, film festivals, fashion shows and charity fundraising events.

Restaurant managers ensure that restaurants operate efficiently and profitably while maintaining their reputation and ethos. They must coordinate a variety of activities, whatever the size or type of the outlet and are responsible for the business performance, quality standards and health and safety of the restaurant. combining strategic planning and day-to-day management activities, the role is both business-like and creative, particularly in terms of marketing and business development.

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